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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Bitch Rant: May I Have Sleek Ones

Hey Bitches,

I'm calling this, "Bitch Rant," and I will hopefully do these at the end of each month (if I remember to write them, please remind me).

For my May rant, it is apropos that it coincides with a holiday weekend including cookouts, parties and thus dealing with people's social interactions I both like and despise. Let me explain. People in group situations can either be fun or a nightmare - mostly it ends up being a complete and utter nightmare. Budding romances specifically between guys and gals have the opportunity to dissipate when the guys you think worth your time show their true colors by either flocking to a gaggle of obnoxious homeboys or, to further annoyance, flocking to numerous ladies who are awful but they think lovely since the sun has baked their beer soaked brains. Ah boys, they get bored so easily. That's why we need more men in the world. Ah, but I digress for now.

However at first very frustrating, in the long run this is a good thing. One is able to receive useful clarity by witnessing people in their finest party hour and it is easier to identify the true cool cats and dope dogs (or shall I say, dawgs?). It stings when the crazies win over the cool folks. When that's the case, time to change your scenery.

I am getting too old to deal with ridiculous, unsleek people. It's time to get in with the sleek and out with the ratty-rats.

Below is a small sample of THE SLEEK:

Bitches need the sleek and to be sleek to survive. Both are becoming INSTINCT and I will NOT let that happen!

PS - It is no mistake I am featuring TWO princesses and older aged ones above. 

Get with the sleek and be sleek, my bitches.

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