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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Bitch Rant: I'm Late, I Know It and Have Zero Regrets

Hey Bitches,

Yeah, yeah, yeah (not unlike the group THE Yeah Yeah Yeahs), I'm late and I know it. For those who are like, "What do you mean you're late?" I'm late posting at the end/beginning of each month, which I said I would be doing. However, I warned you that I may need to be reminded. So guess what? NO ONE REMINDED ME. I'm blaming Mercury in Retrograde like I'm doing all things right now.

Since I'm late, had zero posts last month and already mentioned the Yeah Yeah Yeahs...

Time to see how to walk the streets of New York City with ZERO regrets.

After you are done watching the video, we can start discussing my need for Karen O's studded leather jacket (pictured above). The need can also be yours. Remember, bitches wear leather.

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Have zero regrets, my bitches.