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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Riding the Krazy Karpet

This is a finders gem! Krazy Karpet? The seventies rule. The commercial says you can use it for either sand, grass, or snow, but of course you would use it for snow play tobogganing fun! Perhaps once the snow melts, a grassy side of the mountain would be worthy too.

Krazy Karpets are now called, Wacky Carpets.  According to Todd Lambeth of Canadian Design Resource, "The no frills design of the Wacky Carpet is all part of it’s charm. A slick surface with handles pretty much sums it up. It’s lack of comfort and control are made up for in it’s unpredictability and shear speed which makes for a wild ride down the local toboggan hill."

It seems you can still get your own space age plastic slider from H2O Recreation in Chomedey Québec. Those Canadians are scoring major points. They know about mountain life! Get your plastic slider and head to the acclaimed Mont Tremblant Ski Resort, in Québec, Candada.

So when your skied/boarded legs are tired, remember there's more mountain fun to be had.

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