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Monday, February 8, 2010

D.C. Snowfest 2010

This past weekend, Washington, D.C. welcomed a ton of beautiful snow. A ton. As of late afternoon yesterday (Sunday, February 7) there was a record of over 32 inches measured at nearby Dulles International Airport in Virginia. The most D.C.'s seen before was 28 inches in 1922!

The weekend was filled with snowfest excitement. There were snowball fights in Dupont Circle, iced snowman chess played, and cars and tables buried high high high!

Tens of thousands workers were given the day off today. I've never had a Snow Day in my adulthood (probably since I live in Southern California), but I remember the few minutes of anticipation when hearing the school closing announcements in the early morning. Most of the time, my private school never closed but when it did, pure joy.

More snow is headed to the Mid-Atlantic later this week. Get those cross-country skis waxed and ready to go!

Below are some glorious pictures a good friend took around the Capitol this weekend. Thank you Brandon Tudor!


After Dupont Circle Snowball Fight

Iced Snowman Chess anyone?

Walking down Q Street

The National Mall

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