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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Winter X Games, Winter Olympic Games, Winter Gamed Out?

First, if you are looking for technical information and specific athletic injuries, you will have to go to one of the other ski websites. I will give brief notes and thoughts. My interest in these here games are exactly that, interest. Why bore you with what you can read at 10 other sites?

Even during my skiing sabbatical (which just ended after about 10 years) I loved watching the Winter Olympic Games. Hello, ice skating. And heck, I love the Summer Olympics too but I'm a cold lover. Wait, I must rephrase. I'm a lover of the cold. This ski season has been very busy not only for me but for games. The Winter X Games, the Winter Olympic Games, The Winter I'm trying to keep up with it all. I think I watched the Winter X Games before, but I don't specifically remember. 

This year I caught some of the Winter X Games action! It's in it's 14th year and Aspen/Snowmass has been hosting the games since 2002. When I first turned the tube on, I was surprised when a snowmobiling event was happening. Amazing, really. And there's not just one snowmobiling event. Oh no. There are FIVE: Best Trick, Freestyle, Knock Out, SnoCross, and Adaptive SnoCross. I also watched the Men's and Women's Skier X events. Basically, a half dozen skiers race combing freestyle and alpine skills. This event will be making it's debut at the Winter Olympic Games this year in Vancouver, but it will be called Ski Cross. I guess the X is for the X Games only?

There are exciting things happening in alpine skiing as far as I've been paying attention to for the 21st Winter Olympic Games. Enter the most winningest female skier, Lindsey Vonn. She's everywhere including being a part of a new sexy issue of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition. She's an amazing athlete and she's cool and beautiful. However, it seems almost all skiing athletes are good-looking. The guys, like Erik Fisher, are lookers and rule the slopes too. This continues to prove my theory: High altitudes does wonder for the soul and skin. That or it's all the Red Bull the mountain athletes are drinking. Red Bull sponsorship is EVERYWHERE on the slopes. So when someone there jokes about it being something in their coffee, they're probably not lying.

All these Winter Games are fun, but I'm starting to get winter gamed out. I'm holding out though, I must. The Olympics are only 2 DAYS AWAY!! Get ready!

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