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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Greatest Snow on the Earth, in Utah?

My dreams of skiing in Utah remains strong. Every year in January, I know people who trek to Park City, Utah for the Sundance Film Festival. This year since I am recently  "back on the mountain," I'm aware of more people going to Utah for the snow. According to SKI UTAH, it's the Greatest Snow on the Earth. So when Ringling Bros  and Barnum & Bailey Circus rolls itself in Utah, look out people! That's double duty greatness! Tigers and snowflakes running crazy! Tigers skiing, perhaps?

I was amused by the SKI UTAH snowflake commercial I saw the other night.  This snowflake campaign has been around for a couple years, but I don't remember seeing it before. Below is the spot that made me laugh out loud. These adverts will be running through the airing of the Winter Olympic Games 2010.

The SKI UTAH Greatest Flake Contest (that would be snowflake) has been extended to February 26, 2010! Make your 30-60 video essay on why Skiing/Snowboarding is the bestest in Utah and win a pair of Rossingol S3 skis or a Burton Air 148 Snowboard! So if you do the video with another snow lover, make sure you flip a coin to decide who will get the winnings unless you plan to share the planks or board.

So my question holds. Does Utah really have the greatest snow on the earth? I know it's a good tagline, but does their claim hold any truth? So far, my adventures lead me to believe Lake Tahoe mountains have pretty great snow. It's like buttah (thanks Linda Richman). However to be fair,  since I haven't skied many places, my ability to properly score card is weak. The pathway to new mountain adventures has already started the paving process for me. Or shall I say, plowing. 

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