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Monday, November 23, 2009

Call me Banana Pants, please.

Ski Sex Sells. I love alliteration. Yes, I minored in business and took advertising classes, however everyone knows sex sells. What sells more? Ski Sex. I was reminded after watching the infamous 1984 ski movie, Hot Dog...The Movie, a couple weekends ago before my first mountain trek of this season. I highly recommend it.

Missing out on this gem when I was younger (I don't know how since I was bombarded with movie and music greatness courtesy of my older brother) the ski films I constantly watched were Ski Patrol (1990) and Better off Dead (1985).  

Why does skiing and sexiness go so fantastically together? My quick response is: Skiing is sexy. Really sexy. Though I'm biased since as I mentioned before, skiing is in my genes.  I'm predetermined to think a guy is sexier if he skis, especially if he skis well. But why? Is it the cold weather? The rosy cheek smiles people get? The fact we are bundled up (except in places like Spain where women wear bikinis during spring skiing) and disrobe layers during après-ski? Hot tubs. It must be the hot tubs...

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