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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

One boot two boot old boot new boot? Yes, I need new boots!

I need new boots. Prepare yourself to laugh. The two pairs of boots I own are:

1. HUMANIC dynafit (circa 1970's, please take a guess). Yes, they are inherited, but not for use anymore. I think that's obvious...

2. SALOMON HTC 520 (circa 1990's). Too loose in the foot beds, but currently using them. In order for me to move from intermediate to advance, I need new boots as soon as possible.

I've been learning more in regards to alpine ski boots. For instance, boots with 150 flex are not sold to consumers and they are solely used by Olympian and World Cup athletes. Looking to get 100 flex for myself, perhaps. 

I've entered the online Win double label Full Tilt x Orage ski boots contest. It ends Dec 1. Dear baby Jesus, please let me win some boots...

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