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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Meant for MissDemeanor

I believe many things are just meant to be. If I did not go to the prep school I did, I would not have landed my first college post-grad job thru an alumni connection, which led me to where I am now. Of course, I asked my parents if I could apply to this prep school at the now closed Charley's Crab. So, things meant to be always welcome an extra push. 

This October I was meant to attend Ski Dazzle in Los Angeles. I was meant to get the assistance of Andrew (adorable by the way -- he's a skier, duh). I was meant to find my new skis, the K2 MissDemeanors. According to good-looking Andrew, he thought they sold these skis already. Meant to be.

Brand new, 2007 edition K2 MissDemeanors! As I perused some booths upon leaving, 3 separate booth people commented on how great my new beautiful weapons are. Either they have them or know someone who does. Elated excitement, meant to be.

Now, every time I enter my home, I see them and am doe-eyed. More than a kid in a candy store. Candy coated, meant to be.

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  1. Love the MissDemeanors. Very sassy!!