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Monday, March 12, 2012

Words of Wisdom From Miss. Jo Foxworth

Below are the Nine Commandments for Women in Business by Miss. Jo Foxworth. The Commandments were noted in 1965 before she spoke before the National Convention of the Advertising Federation of America. A clipping from the Tri City Herald newspaper on Thursday, July 1, 1965 as reported by BOSTON (AP) can be seen above.

Miss. Jo Foxworth was the President of the Advertising Women of New York and a vice president and creative director of the New York firm of Calkins and Holden.

Nine Commandments for Women in Business:


First: Thou shall try harder: thou need not be No. 2. (It is the first order of business to prove to the men that we mean business about our careers).

Second: Thou shall know when to zip thy ruby lips and let the men do the talking. (the longer we hold out on the men, the harder they'll listen when we do break down and give them the inside, straight picture).

Third: Thou shall not attempt to hide behind thine own petticoat. (Petticoats don't hide nearly so much as they used to. Nowadays they're apt to reveal rather more than they conceal).


Fourth: Thou shall speak softly and carry no stick, save lipstick. (All of us have known the female whose voice, under stress' goes up so many decibels that it could set fire to the sure on a rat's back).

Fifth: Thou shall serve thy lady boss as graciously as thou serves any man. (How can we expect to survive as lady bosses ourselves if we give the girls above us a hard way to go-and keep insisting that we'd rather work for men?).

Sixth: When success cometh thou shall not get too big for thy bustle. (A man grown too great for his own raiment is hard enough to take, but a woman who is too big for her own bustle is impossible).


Seventh: Thou shall watch thy language; there may be gentlemen present. (A lot of our current smart talk drifted up to a polite society from the dock walloper, but when the girls start bandying it about it's particularly unsmart).

Eighth: Thou shall not match martinis with the men. (Some women can drink some men under the table - but a man under the table can still be dangerous).

Ninth: Thou shall save they sex appeal for after 5. (Sex around the office is like alcohol on the highway).

Miss Foxworth added: Anyone who trys to fathom the feminine mystique would be making a "mistaque."


In my opinion, Miss. Foxworth's Nine Commandments should be read by all working women (girls). Actually, they should be read by everyone. Even though she declared these in the sixties, I feel many still hold true today. Or if anything, they are worthy to take note. So...

TAKE NOTE and Let the River Run.
Even though this Working Girl did not abide by all of Miss. Foxworth's advice. Some bitches got to do things a little differently sometimes. Hey, it was the eighties.

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