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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Who's this sexy Norwegian alpine skier?

AKSEL LUND SVINDAL. That is his name and I plan on wearing it out (sorry Pee Wee).

So far in the 21st Winter Olympic Games, he's won a GOLD (Super-G) and SILVER (Downhill). How many more medals will he win this Winter Olympic Games? He is a beast on skis. Correction -- He is a sexy beast on skis.

Born December 26, 1982 in Norway, he's a two-time winner of the Men's Overall Alpine Skiing World Championship (2007, 2009). In November of 2007, he had a horrific crash in Beaver Creek, CO during a training run for the Birds of Prey Downhill race. In true Viking style, he returned in 2008 and won Downhill and Super-G races at the very place he was injured.

He was raised by his father and number 1 fan, Bjoern, after his mother Ina died when he was eight years old. She was a skier on the European Cup B-Team. His younger brother Simen also skied competitively until 2007. So Aksel, we are both from skiing families, huh?

The next hurdle for this American Ski Bunny is deciding who to cheer for: Aksel or the men's American skiers? Okay, I'll cheer for them all!

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  1. I Love Aksel! He did well in the Norwegian Nationals this month in Narvik. He also "competed" in Verbier this Saturday along with
    Cuche, Defago, Chemmy and Mancuso -- they looked like they had a great time VerbierHigh5. You should check out his website. Its great and informative. Enjoy the skiing! I'll visit again.
    Best Cheers.