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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Bode, Lindsey, Julia, oh MY!

In the midst of the second week of the 21st Winter Olympic Games, things are really exciting for Team USA. Especially the USA Ski Team! A quick look at some events and medals delivered so far:

Alpine Skiing:
Bode Miller: GOLD (Combined), SILVER (Super-G), BRONZE (Downhill)
Lindsey Vonn: GOLD (Downhill), BRONZE (Super-G)
Julia Mancuso: SILVER (Downhill), SILVER (Combined)
The young Andrew Weibrecht won his first Olympic medal, BRONZE (Super-G)

Shaun White: GOLD (Halfpipe)
Scotty Lago: BRONZE (Halfpipe) -- Left the Games due to "racy" photos with his medal.
Hannah Teter: SILVER (Halfpipe)
Kelly Clark: BRONZE (Halfpipe)

Freestyle Ski:
Hannah Kearney: GOLD (Moguls)
Shannon Bahrke: BRONZE (Moguls)
Byron Wilson: BRONZE (Moguls)

If Bode Miller wins 1 more medal in these here Winter Olympic Games, he will break the record for the most medals won by a male skier in a single Games!

Ted Ligety, who sports pink goggles, has not yet won a medal. He won a GOLD (Combined) in 2006 at Turin. For the sake of his skills and amazing pink goggles, I really hope he gets a medal in Vancouver!

Left to Right: Andrew Weibrecht, Lindsey Vonn, Bode Miller, Julia Mancuso

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