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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Snowkiting in Iceland? Sure.

Today, I was introduced to snowkiting.  I stumbled upon it after seeing an Iceland Adventure trip which is for, you guessed it, snowkiting. What is snowkiting you ask? Well, it's like kitesurfing but instead of water, the kite glides you on snow or ice while strapped on a snowboard. Okay, I'm intrigued. 

Courtesy of Snowkiter - Snowkiting in Iceland

Some years ago when at one of my fantastic summer camp ventures (Camp Arowhon in Algonquin Park, Canada) I learned to windsurf. More into sailing, but I decided to try some windsurfing. I ended up only doing it once after I got scared going way too far out on the lake. Kind of like that guy in that movie (my brain is really trying to remember which guy and what movie bit it's in but can't). Now I love water and water sports, but if I had to choose between snowy mountains and the beach, I would lean towards a snowy beach. Fine, bad joke. I'm indecisive. 

I recently said how I want to plan my next journey to Iceland during the winter months. This could be a worthy adventure to think about. I'm not such a fan of planned vacation tours, but seems interesting to consider - Snowkiting on Langjökull glacier, Iceland - Friday May 14th to Friday 21st? Who's with me?

I have not yet visited Langjökull, but on my last trip I experienced Jökulsarlon which is at the south end of Vatnajökull glacier - the largest glacier in Iceland (Picture from my journey, below).

The information for this particular snowkiting adventure can be found: HERE! 

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  1. Make sure to come next year! You missed an awesome trip...