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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Gold! Squaw Valley Skiing: Day One

It was in fact a golden moment in my life. The first enclosed aerial ski lift I rode was the final day of 2009 at the acclaimed Lake Tahoe ski resort, Squaw Valley USA. The Gold Coast Funitel devirginized me. Like when you do anything wondrous for the first time, the excitement was difficult to contain. I wanted to take a picture inside the cabin but it was packed. I was located in the "standing room" center griping my K2 MissDemeanors and poles. At that point, I felt this worthy moment was beyond the need for a silly picture. Once you take out a camera (still or movie) you are an observer behind the observer. Sometimes, I want only my mind to do the recording. Fantastic, it was. Oh, I forgot to mention I was also dressed in my new Patagonia hooded puff coat, color -- gold. A very great golden day, indeed!

The views at el 8900 feet and skiing all around the mountain were amazing. The wind gusts riding up to the top of Siberia Bowl and Gold Coast Express were at times brutal. However not as horrendous as the next day, the first day of 2010. That story on it's way...

Riding up the 2 person chairlift, Mainline

View from about el 8900 ft. Lake in the distance.

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