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Monday, December 28, 2009

Amsterdam of the Rockies?

I have been to Amsterdam, The Neverlands, but never to the "Amsterdam of the Rockies." Yes, that's what Breckenridge, Colorado is now dubbed since marijuana possession will be legal in that rocky mountain high (oh, is that what John Denver was really singing about?) ski town. Don't get too excited. It's only legal up to one ounce.

Marijuana, or cannabis (the plant which all names of the high-life terms we refer) has been a staple of mountain towns in America. I would include European ski towns, but their mountain life are not as well established for relaxing with a fat dubbie. 

After January 1, 2010,  if you have up to one ounce of the magic plant in possession, you will not incur any criminal or civic penalties. I believe thousands of Colorado college students just leapt with excitement. I know the soon to be stoner visitors did, at least for those students anyway. Breckenridge is the second city in Colorado to legalize possession. Denver was the first in November. Wait! Don't get too excited again. Marijuana is still illegal in Colorado under state and Federal law. "Honey, now you can eat your ice cream cone, but we have to stay inside the DQ. Don't get it on your shirt." 

The Breckenridge Police Department are already getting a slew of questions. Can you guess which ones have been asked? Below are a mix of reported questions and ones I have devised. The first is one of the actual questions and I also attached the answer. Thought this one was important to do that...

Can I do it while I'm skiing? -- NO 
Can I bring it to my hotel room?
Will I...that's a great phrase, will I, isn't?
Will I be able to smoke après-ski on the mountain?
Can I leave it in my car?

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