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Monday, February 6, 2012

Is M.I.A. a Classy Bitch?

(The Minaj, The Madge, The M.I.A.)

Hey Bitches,

There has been a lot of talk regarding M.I.A. and her guest appearance with Madonna on the Super Bowl XVLI Halftime Show this past Sunday. I mean, specifically about her flipping the bird to America (and beyond) during the broadcast (Oh, thanks director for making sure you caught it on camera!). So the question that immediately pops in my bitch brain is (and I know, the rest of all my special bitches): Is M.I.A. a classy bitch?

Let's take a look at various picture angles found on the internet of M.I.A. and her bird on display:

And Closer...

And Closer Some More...


After looking at these pictures, my only conclusion is...WHO CARES? Can we please talk about Madonna's thigh high leather boots instead? HELLO. Thank you.

It's your call. Flip as you may, my bitches.

PS - No really, if you know where I can get those boots, please say so in the comments below.

UPDATE! The boots "were custom stretch leather Miu Miu with a special ‘M’ on the heel for Madonna and Miu Miu." - Thanks!!

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