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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Silly Pabst Blue Ribbon Snowboarding Bindings

I mean, enough. ENOUGH. Does anyone really LIKE Pabst Blue Ribbon beer? Besides the fact that it's super cheap and it's best known for being featured in David Lynch's masterful film, "Blue Velvet," but does anyone run out to drink it? Oh, I stand corrected -- Those we call Hipsters do. So sorry.

You know what it means if the Hipsters of the world like something (think something's cool), brands market, market, market like crazy. Point in case, UNION BINDING CO. out of Seattle, Washington. I understand they're just trying to make some bucks but the more companies continue to feed into the annoying, kitschy world of Hipstermania (Is that a word already? If not I call dibs!) I believe our humanity gets destroyed. Well, maybe not totally demolish it, but taint it.

If you want to be a part of the craze (I won't judge you...okay maybe just a little bit) you can purchase these "hip" bindings as well as other cool ones like the DANNY KASS tie-dyed ones (now those are cool) on their website in their custom house section.

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