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Saturday, March 5, 2011

1974 Gold Medal Barbie with Olympic Ski Village. Where's 2010?

I was a huge fan of Barbies when I was little.  I mean, a HUGE fan.  I had Barbie cars, Barbie McDonald's, Barbie Salon, Barbie Pool, Barbie Mansion, etc. You get the idea.

Mattel has always been smart to have a selection of themed Barbies. One commercial I recently found is a Barbie I would like now - 1974 Gold Medal Barbie with Olympic Ski Village sold separately.  Oh, the joy!  This is just amazing.  Do you recognize the commercial announcer's voice?

Start with a downhill race for Barbie and then move into the Lodge for some après ski party fun - Barbie style.  We all know what Barbie style means, don't we?  It's FUNTASTIC!

Mattel needs to bring back this version but Lindsey Vonn style.  I would buy one.


  1. I actually couldn't remember this Barbie commercial. Did you have the 1974 Gold Medal Barbie? Really classic.

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  2. Hey Florence! I didn't have this Barbie, but I really wish I did. Everything about her and the sold separately Olympic Village is absolutely fantastic!