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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Cigarettes & Skiing

Smoking before, on the slopes, or après-ski? I found this gem 1967 Swedish advertisement (below) while snooping around the internet the other day for Savoy cigarettes.  I don't know what it says but I get the general idea.  However, does it matter if you don't know what it says?  It's a genius advert.  A ski bunny and her ski buck, crossing their arms high taking a break from their drags on their fags (this is not meant to offend, but that's humor sometimes).

I am not one to ruin my savory mountain aired breaths with a cigarette, but everyone has some vice.  I mean, look how happy this couple is with their Savoys.  They're not harming anyone.

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  1. Classic ad, fresh mountain air with your quality savoy! Love it