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Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Spirit of Chris Farley lives in EL NINO 2009/2010

When I was in college, my friend Nora gave me a fish. I named it Farley after Chris Farley since he had recently died the year before in 1997. My mother eventually took care of him and called me horribly sadden the day he died a few years later.

Like the comedy genius of Chris Farley, so is this ski season's El Nino. Living in Southern California, El Nino has been very gracious. So Cal is the center and it's been giving the mountains in the area tons of snow for an EPIC season. Mt. Waterman located in the San Gabriel Mountains was closed for what seemed like an eternity this season since they could not plow the massive pow from the roads. I'll be skiing there for my first time this Saturday, the last weekend they'll be open.  However, some other resorts will be open much MUCH more...

Mammoth Mountain announced yesterday that they will be skiable until JULY 4!  Happy Independence Day America, and thank you Mammoth.

Thank you El Nino. Thank you Mammoth. Thank you Chris Farley.

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