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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Skiing corn? I thought I was supposed to eat it.

Getting "back on the mountain" is both fun and confusing, especially learning all the snow community terms.  Before my sabbatical, I do not remember terms like EPIC and YARD SALE.  Another new term for me is CORN.

The glossary on the community section of SKI.COM defines CORN as:
Snow characterized by its large corn-kernel-sized granules found during the spring.

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As spring skiing approaches this season, I've been reading nothing but upcoming and current corn conditions. Are we farmers or skiers? Skiing the corn seems to be enjoyable but also something to watch out for in regards to difficulties. For instance, I've been sifting through what are some good and bad notes on corn time:

-Don't ski when it's like a rock
-Don't skiing corn conditions in the afternoon when it becomes a melted wet mess
-Do look towards the sun and mountain placement for best conditions (East slopes in morning, South slopes late morning/early afternoon, West slopes in afternoon)
-Do enjoy better corn in the Northwest Sierra's (Tahoe ski resorts like SQUAW VALLEY USA)

Go out and ski some corn!  Then, maybe celebrate more with eating some. Perhaps on the cob.

Corn Snow Spring Skiing Backcountry Photos - Wasatch Mountains, Utah. 
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