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Monday, February 1, 2010

Free Lift Ticket Dilemma

We all like free things. Even celebrities who can afford anything but receive freebies anyway (this paradox I have been trying to solve). Free stuff generally equals happiness, especially if the stuff is worthy - like a lift ticket to a ski resort! A couple weeks ago, I started looking at lift tickets deals.  During the season, the ones usually offered are for college students, not for us thirty-somethings

When I went to Ski Dazzle and scored my beautiful meant for me K2's, I received a Big Bear Mountain Resorts lift ticket voucher for either Bear Mountain or Snow Summit. Score, right? Well not a total score since there are many restrictions. I received another lift ticket voucher to Heavenly Ski Resort (Tahoe) at a showing of Warren Miller's newest film Dynasty, but once again it had many restrictions. Hey, thanks for the vouchers but can you give out useful ones, please? No, that would be too easy.

Last week, I vaguely remembered catching parts of a television commercial (while distracted doing something else) where you could test drive a Ford car and receive a free Mammoth Mountain Ski Resort lift ticket. I was reminded again this weekend when friends told me about this seemingly cool deal. Due to the lack of sincerity with past vouchers, I began research. Some people I found had success stories, but I also found many with fails. I decided to call Ford dealerships in my area. Unfortunately, they were all out of the tickets and/or it ended today - great timing as usual for me. I really was looking forward to test driving a Ford too. I mean, my first car was my brother's 1985 white Ford Mustang convertible. I had to load it's trunk with bags of soil during the winter to help the rear-wheel swerve effect on the icy Cleveland roads. Mustang Sara, was my parent's jokingly nickname. 

Alas, no test driving for Mustang Sara this time. The search for lift ticket deals continue. Hopefully one day soon, the dilemma will be solved.

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