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Friday, January 15, 2010

What about ThirtySomething lift ticket deals?

Remember the late eighties/early nineties television show, thirtysomething? I never watched it, but I remember it. Great things happen in your thirties. I should know, I turned 30 last year and it's been amazing thus far. I can't wait to see what the next 9 years brings!

It appears (with beginning research) there are only amazing, great lift ticket deals for college students. Well, except if this was early pre-season/ season. I scored a cheap deal at Sugar Bowl Ski Resort (Lake Tahoe/Truckee) in November for about $35 a day! My first trip to the mountains this season was in October to Mountain High Resort (Southern California). There, my friend and I scored a points-pass for $55 (certain lifts are so many points and it's good until all points are used).  Yesterday, Mt. High's twitter tweeted (that statement is hysterical, right) a college night for $20 with proof of your college ID. Where did I put that old thing, anyway...

I know money is bleak in college (well for most), but what about us hard working people moving up the money ladder? Don't forget about us! And some of us are starting families, buying houses, and will always appreciate deals! Something to think about, ski resorts. Are you listening? Is anyone?

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