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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

From the Mountains? And yes, I like Iceland.

Besides skiing/mountains, I love ICELAND. It is difficult for me to pinpoint the exact moment in time when I said to myself, "Iceland my love," because it has been more of an organic bake throughout my life thus far. Definitely when I was there for the first time in 2007, I secured my love for the country. When visiting, I was not there for snow. I traveled there the end of summer/beginning of fall, while on my skiing sabbatical. The next spiritual sojourn there I hope to plan during the winter. Ah, perhaps to ski! Fitting, indeed.

Icelanders have some old, unique sayings. One I use the most is: I Stand On The Duck! (meaning, when thrilling things are happening to you) Another: How Do You Like Iceland? (mostly used when asking visitors to Iceland, well, how they like it) And yet another, which is where I'm going with all this: I Come Completely From The Mountains! (meaning, the lack of knowledge or when something baffles you) 

However in actuality, nothing is baffling about coming from the mountains. Being born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, the only mountains I can claim coming from are the ones in Iceland, my home away from home. You can purchase a fantastic shirt with this phrase along with the others mentioned and more at How Do You Like Iceland? Spread the word. Mountains, Iceland, and all!

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