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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Apparently "Après-Ski" translates to "Sex on Skis"

Below is one of the most amazing movie posters, specifically ski movie posters. In March 31, 1971, the French-Canadian movie titled, "Après-Ski" was released. I stumbled upon this gem and I have no clue what I was initially searching for on the world wide web. I have not seen the movie, but the poster would get anyone excited (intended pun, of course).

The USA released video title was "Snowballin'." Not what this poster has on it, but regardless, another good title. It was released by other names in various countries:

"Sex in the Snow" (UK)
"Meta to Ski" (Greece)
"Winter Games" (Canada, dubbed version, English title) -- Pick another title, thanks

So I guess "Sex on Skis" is yet another title bestowed. Stickered on this poster, a worthy translation since many skiers partake in boudoir après-ski activities anyway. Plus, we can go with the other interpretation of the name as "She is like sex on a stick," or in this case, skis. I have said it before, ski sex sells. My next question is: Shall I frame and hang it in my bedroom or living room?

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